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BBS Survey says 40c adults still illiterate

The survey shows 60.77 percent of people aged 15 years and above are literate. Of them, 62.84 percent are male and 58.24 percent female.

Protect our children from unhealthy food they eat

So-called healthy foods are not always healthy. But marketing strategies of ultra-processed food and beverage products represent a key driver of unhealthy food environments.

A school of mothers

Since its inception, this project has worked to educate mothers from different social backgrounds and nurture them into becoming agents of positive change in the society.

A way to finance childhood growth

Nutrition-intervention bonds are an innovative financing vehicle that promises to put food on the table, prevent childhood stunting, and yield high returns for investors.

Why child marriage persists in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is among the 10 nations with the highest rates of child marriage worldwide and has the highest frequency of such in south Asia.

Gearing up to save our children

Government bodies, civil society organizations and local communities working together can create sustainable models of children protection, ensuring the well-being of children in every upazila.

Law being amended to ban e-cigarettes

WHO says e-cigarettes can increase risks of heart diseases and lung disorders but long-term impact is not clear.

Key role of MSMEs in achieving our development goals

In the last one decade, there has been an impressive expansion of the MSME sector—from around 2.3 percent in 1992 the contribution of this sector to GDP has escalated to 22.4 percent in 2020.