MSS Technical Institute

About MTI

MSS Technical Institute (MTI) is a modern, well-equipped and high class vocational training institute operating since March 2021 at Kamarpukur, Saidpur. MTI is a Bangladesh Technical Education Board accredited and Registered Training Organization (RTO). It is governed by Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS), a non-Governmental Organization. The code of the Institute is- 14151.

MTI welcome youths aged 18-35, from different community and different educational background. We offer a diverse range of industry-relevant training programs that meet the needs of the labor market. Individuals seeking to acquire knowledge & skills (includes drop out students and unemployed youths) to be successful in job market are our beneficiary.

Our Vision

To be a leading vocational training institute that provides comprehensive training programs to produce highly skilled and job ready graduates to contribute to overall growth of Bangladesh and global workforce.

Our Mission

To prepare youths for work both formal employment & self-employment through-
– Providing quality vocational education.
– Ensuring inclusiveness in the learning spaces.
– Facilitate career advancement opportunities for our graduates.
– Raising awareness of society regarding the scope of Technical & Vocational Education.

The motto of MTI

Employment, Dignity, and better life.


Thirty percent (30%) of the total 158.5 million people in Bangladesh are young (10-24 years), 11.9% of them are unemployed. There is a serious mismatch of skills gained through education and those needed for available jobs. Education Commission and Unicef report says-‘Nearly 3 out of 4 youths in 92 countries including Bangladesh lack employable skills’. The unemployed youth must reskill themselves which can be effectively done by high quality technical and vocational institute like MTI. MTI highly encourage and focus on drop out students and unemployed youths of community for their skill development & support for employment.

Our activities

MTI has been operating 3months courses (360 hours) in 4 trades

– Arrange RTO/RPL- NTVQF-level-1 exam of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) at MTI campus and issue competency certificate for students.

– Arrange Industrial attachment (20 hours) for students to provide practical/hands on learning experience through different companies/factories.

-Shortly we are going to start training & education on 6 more new areas.

Sl Name of the trades Seat capacity
1 Refrigeration and Air conditioning (RAC) 20
2 Electrical Installation & Maintenance(EIM) 20
3 Computer Operation (CO) 20
4 Graphics Design (GD) 20

Student’s enrolment status

Since March 2021 to December 2023 total 131 students have enrolled in 3 months Computer Operation trade.
From Jan 2022-December 2023 total 106 students have enrolled in Graphics Design, Electrical Installation & Maintenance and Refrigeration & Air conditioning trades.
Out of total 237 students 61 are female.
Communicate us:
MSS Technical Institute (MTI), Kamarpukur, Saidpur, Nilphamari.
Contact number: 01708143880, E-mail: