Before admitting in MTI, I considered myself as family burden

Sakib Babu (18) from Balapara, Saidpur was a student of the Refrigeration & Air conditioning Course (batch-2). He passed class 7 in 2016 and could not continue his study due to poverty. He was looking for a job in financial solvency. Once he came to know about MTI from CDO, he appeared and was admitted into the RAC course. Later, he completed the course in batch 2. Now he is working as an entrepreneur, and community people know his skill and call him for service. His monthly income is 12,000 taka.

In recent interview, Sakib Babu told, before admitting in the Refrigeration & Air conditioning of MTI, I considered myself as family burden and did not find a clear path for becoming self-dependent. But now I am self-dependent and happy with that. I am dreaming something better in my upcoming career.


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