Suraiya-A Successful Entrepreneur

Suraiya aged 38 lives in Gulfartek village under Pubail Thana of Gazipur district. Suraiya cultivated bottle gourd, cauliflower and mustard on leased lands of 30 decimals, 20 decimals and 10 decimals respectively. All of these fields were nurtured by herself. After her marriage, she started working on agriculture with her husband, a farmer by profession.  Suraiya being a member of MSS–WCP took loans for five times, the last one was Tk. 90,000. Strong will and mental courage for bringing financial solvency to the family is the main driving force behind her success. MSS has given her not only financial support but has also given mental strength, she added.

Suraiya generated employment for six persons and her husband who work for her farms. She bought a tractor and two pump machines for irrigation. Alongside using tractor and pump machine for irrigation of her own land, she earns money by renting out those to others. The agricultural products are sold to the wholesale markets at Pubail, Tongi and Dhaka. Besides, bottle gourd, cauliflower and mustard, she cultivates eggplant, vegetable leaves and bitter gourd. This is an environment friendly initiative and each year she earns a net profit of Tk. 200,000.

With her earnings from agriculture, Suraiya has built a Pucca house (Paka Ghor) and purchased a milch cow. Suraiya’s agricultural products are meeting not only the demand of the local community but are also meeting her family needs. Mother of two sons and a daughter, Suraiya earned her name and fame through her entrepreneurship skill.