Kalipada gives up begging

Kalipada Roy was born on 7 March 1947. He successfully passed the Junior School Certificate examination in 1962. But he couldn’t continue his study after the death of his father in 1963. He got involved in agricultural work with his elder brother. They went to India as soon as the liberation war started in Bangladesh in 1971. After the liberation war, they came back to Bangladesh, but unfortunately they found that their homestead and land property was grabbed by the miscreants in the society. Being sympathized, a philanthropist gave them a piece of land to live on. He started cultivation of other’s land on shared crops basis. At this his livelihood condition improved. Kalipada got married and he was blessed with two daughters. After marrying off her elder daughter, Kalipada all on a sudden got sick and became physically disabled even after undergoing many treatments. In order to survive, Kalipada started begging and his wife as domestic help.

Meanwhile, his younger daughter, being abandoned by her husband came back home just after completion of her one year marriage. Thus, amidst physical and financial disaster, mental and social disaster added. Under such a situation, PKSF started beggar rehabilitation program under its ENRICH project. Kalipada applied to MSS to be enlisted under this program. After considering his application, Kalipada was included in the beggar rehabilitation program under ENRICH project. Under the program, Kalipada was given an amount of Tk. 100,000.00 to buy a rickshaw-van, a milch cow, a goat, for poultry raising, homestead and cowshed repairing and to buy cattle feed.

Each month Kalipada earns around Tk. 4,000 with which he can maintain his family. Kalipada doesn’t need to beg anymore visiting door to door. Kalipada is a proud man now. Kalipada got back his lost social dignity. He is proud of Manabik Shahajya Sangstha through which he got emancipation from the undignified begging occupation.