‘Now no one can neglect me anymore’

Shohida Begum, 58, an elderly woman with cataracts in both eyes, has been suffering from blindness for two years. Due to her financial constraints, she has been relying on others for food and has been using a stick to beg for alms.

On October 25, 2023, ECP organized a free public eye camp at Fazilpur, Rangpur. After receiving free cataract surgery, Shohida was able to see the world again, feeling overwhelmed and happy.

“Before the surgery, I was gradually transforming into a neglected person by my family members. When I asked for help, they used to get annoyed and tell me to do it on my own,” said Shohida Begum.

“I used to sit helplessly in the corner because I could not see. Now no one can neglect me anymore. I am confident. I will earn my living by housekeeping,” she added.