Siddique overwhelmed with joy after getting free EYE surgery

Siddik is too poor elderly person who currently begs to his neighbours and wealthy peoples for a living. Once upon a time he did cultivation and earned money as a breadwinner of his family but now he is unworthy for any kind of work.  He does not own any land or property. Although he has one son and a daughter, no one takes care him. He has also wife who stays with him, and his sons run their own households, either on someone else’s land or by working as laborers.

Siddik has to depend on the charity of others for food because of  financial hardship. He also suffers from physical disabilities, and he is too weak to walk on his own.  With other physical disabilities he has been suffering from cataract for the past two years in his left eye. Due to his financial constraints, he couldn’t afford the surgery to remove the cataract, which led to the loss of his eyesight.

On September 30, 2023, Eye care Program-MSS organized a free eye camp Kamarpukur Union Parishad which is under the district of Nilphamari.  Upon hearing about the eye camp, Siddik came there by facing lot of physical difficulty and had his eyes examined free of cost.  After examining his eyes, the doctors advised him for cataract surgery.

Considering his financial situation, ECP management arranged for free surgery at Rangpur Eye Hospital. The next day, after the bandages were removed, siddik could see the world a new. He was overwhelmed with joy. Now, with both eyes, he can see perfectly. He thanked his sponsor and ECP for free treatment.