Md. Ekhlas

Md. Ekhlas, 16, a student of class five at the Jaago Foundation School, Korail Slum, Banani, Dhaka was suffering from Phthisis bulbi in his right eye. Youngest child in the family – his father, had abandoned his mother Nargis Begum, a garment factory worker. They live in BananiKorail slum. When Ekhlas was three years old he had Ophthalmia (eye inflammation) and injured his right eye with a stick which led to loss of vision and damaged his right eye. Due to poverty he could not be treated. ECP identified him and referred to the Al-Noor Hospital, Dhaka for further treatment. The doctors opined that Ekhlascan never see with his right eye. However, a Prosthetic eye ball can be placed on that eye so that his eye size dose not shrink further and he looks normal.

Ekhlas was overjoyed to see his eye look normal. His mother Nargis Begum, expressed gratitude saying “I could not treat my son as I did not have enough money. I pray for all who contributed to my son’s treatment. I also pray that MSS – Eye Care Project is able to provide services to many more distressed people”.