Eye Care Project (ECP):
Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS), equipped with its experience in providing eye care services in Bangladesh is implementing its Eye Care Project (ECP-MSS) with the aim to identify and treat preventable blindness among the underprivileged; to promote community awareness and education on eye health; and to increase capacity and access to eye care services.

Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS):
Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS) is a premier Bangladeshi non-governmental organization formed by a group of students of Dhaka Residential Model School and later of the University of Dhaka in 1974 when the country was hit by a massive flood. MSS started as a relief agency which later reoriented its focus on poverty alleviation through microcredit and development. Currently, MSS programs are integrated and include micro credit, women empowerment, healthcare, childcare, primary education, among others, with the goal to establish a society free from poverty where there is equality among citizens and citizens’ rights and dignity are respected.