Your donation will help us to restore vision of the underserved people in remote rural areas by identifying their cataracts and performing surgeries.

Donation Types Amount(৳)   QTY Total Amount(৳)
Provide cost for Cataract Surgery 4000
Provide cost for Eye Glasses (100 Glasses) 7500
Provide cost for School Sight Testing Program. 20000
Provide cost for Eye Camp 65000
Total Amount

  • BDT ——– One-time donation ( Eye care program)
  • BDT 4,000  Provide for Cataract Surgery of one Person.
  • BDT 7,500 Provide for eyeglasses to 100 people to correct their refractive error.
  • BDT 20,000 Conduct a School Sight Testing Program and provide sight screening to approximately 300 underserved school children. Give medicines and glasses, identify curable blindness.
  • BDT 65,000 Conduct an Eye Camp in remote area and provide eye screening to approximately 500 underprivileged patients; identify cataract patients; give 200 spectacles.
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