Manabik Shahajya Sangstha

Water and Sanitation Rehabilitation Support to the Flood Affected Slums in Dhaka City (WATSAN Project )

Objectives of the project:
To rehabilitate safe sanitation facilities via construction of community/slab latrines and repairing, cleaning/de-sledging damaged latrines
To improve access to safe water supply by repairing, cleaning and facilitating construction of water points and installation of Tube well for target project communities.
To provide water and sanitation facilities in schools of affected areas by constructing and repairing and cleaning.
To raise awareness among the community about personal and environmental hygiene through behavioral change communication.
To facilitate work of the project with the active participation of civil society, local Govt. and the community.
Location: Selected slums in Dhaka city.
Duration of the project: June 2005 to November-2005
Name of the donor: UNICEP-CUP