Manabik Shahajya Sangstha


SHOUHARDO (Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities) is a five years project of CARE Bangladesh funded by USAID commissioned in October 2005 and will run up to September 2009. As per implementation strategy and LRSP of CARE Bangladesh, this program is running in 18 districts of Bangladesh through partnership approach with local and national NGOs. MSS is one of the implementing partners of CARE Bangladesh.

The goal of SHOUHARDO Program of MSS is sustainable reduction of chronic and transitory food insecurity of 1,632 vulnerable slums households of Pabna & Iswardi Pourashavas in Pabna district of Bangladesh by September, 2009.

The target groups of the SHOUHARDO Program are the family members living below poverty line, disabled people, destitute women i.e. divorced, separated, widowed, tortured etc, hard core women those who have been forced to take shelter and lead a slum life, various homogenous and specific groups. The targeted group/project participants have been the poorest and poor households identified by the community during Well Being Analysis.

SHOUHARDO is a community led program that’s why sustainability of the program is a big concern. We assume that at the end of the project, community will be in a position to run all the activities as per their need from the local resources. Support of the GoB and other service providers will be ensured under this program. MSS will plan an exit strategy for making them self-reliant through their confidence and experience on making plan, access to relevant information, channel group initiatives, and forge a partnership with local governments that will support them in their own development. In this regard, emphasis is being given on capacity-building of CBO, SDC and Pourashava of local government. There will be a gradual decrease of MSS involvement over the time in communities of each geographical region. Benchmarks will be established and carefully monitored for capacity development and for demonstration of community-led processes such as infrastructure maintenance. MSS will develop a hand over process with communities and governments at least a six month before leaving a community.
Participants learning sewing at a training center at Iswardi upazilla under MSS SHOUHARDO Program.