Sarder Shahidul Kabir

Deputy Director - Micro Enterprise

Mr. Sarder Shahidul Kabir is working at present as the Deputy Director (Micro Enterprise) of MSS. He has more than 26 years of experiences in the field of Microfinance and Policy Environment. He is well known in Bangladesh Microfinance Sector. He has also expertise in Financial Management, Operational management, Microfinance program analysis, Compliance & Risk Management, Ratio Analysis, Trend Analysis, Disaster Coping Management and Operational Process Analysis.

He is Expert in Strategic Human Resource Management, Critical Analysis, Problem Solving and Peoples Management. Strong Organizational and Administrative skills to improve the staff productivity and program quality management. He had proven success and track record of delivering optimal results in high-growth microfinance environments through initiatives that exceed operational performance targets and yield measurable outcomes.

Mr. Kabir’s Academic Accomplishment is B.Com (Hons) M.Com, Finance & Banking Department of Dhaka University. He is 50 years old and Bangladeshi by birth.

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