Manabik Shahajya Sangstha

Success Story

Taslima, an ordinary rural woman lives in a village Hatabo of Rupganj thana under Narayanganj district. Following the ancestral root, the potential time of her childhood and youth has been passed away in Hatabo village. Taslima’s poor father married her off to a rickshawpuller named Siraj. At the beginning of their conjugal life they had hard time. They used to pass their days half-fed or sometimes without food. Taslima counts her days and thinks when the black clouds of poverty will disappear from her life. The main characteristics of Hatabo village is that majority of the villagers are engaged in making traditional jamdani shari (woman’s wear). Taslima had this information. But she couldn’t proceed due to lack of planning and financial constraint as well.

One day Taslima came to know that Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS) provides loan to the distressed women in view of improving their livelihood. Taslima decided to become a member of MSS and accordingly contacted a kendra of MSS. After getting membership, she got loan from MSS and bought a handloom for making jamdani shari. Taslima kicks off a new episode in her life. She works 10-12 hours a day for making jamdani shari. Besides, two workers and her husband also assist her. Taslima makes at least five jamdani shari a week and sells to the wholesalers at Narayanganj and Demra on every Thursday and earns a profit of Taka 1000-1500 per week. Her husband does this job. From wholesalers these shari go the retailers. Taslima feels proud for being involved in making country’s traditional jamdani shari. But she has a pain. Albeit the shari she makes has a good market price but she doesn’t get it as the lion share of the price goes to the wholesalers who dominate the market. If Taslima had the ability to sell shari sitting at a shop, her economic solvency and expectation could be fulfilled. She is optimistic that in near future she would be able to reach her goal by making whole profit of her labor. For this reason, Taslima expects more cooperation from MSS.

Because of her financial solvency, she can send her child to the school. A proper direction has made their life meaningful and pleasant.