Manabik Shahajya Sangstha

SU-CHALA Project

With the support from ANUKUL Foundation MSS is running SU-CHALA program in Keraniganj upazilla of Dhaka district. This program is designed to support the poor working children who are unable to continue their education due to the financial hardship of their families. Children of poor women headed families are the target of the program. The main objective of the SU-CHALA project is to ensure basic education of the poor working children providing monthly scholarships. The major activities include providing scholarships, arranging meeting with guardians and monitoring as well.


A total of 31 poor working children were selected for this project. During the reporting period a total of 20 students were enrolling in various schools in the project area. Each month, every student receives scholarships worth Tk. 400 to continue his/her studies. Besides, each student also receives Tk. 800 as one time grant to purchase stationeries.

Mahin wants to win

Md. Maheen

When Mahin was two years old his parents went to divorce. The uncertainty of Mahin’s life begins from here. Finding no other alternative, Mahin’s mother accompanying Mahin took shelter at her father’s house. A few days later, Mahin’s mother got second married and began to live with her husband leaving behind Mahin at her father’s house. At this stage, Mahin’s grandmother took his responsibilities amidst her financial hardship as she used to work as a domestic help. When Mahin was passing his hard time, he came across to a Branch Manger of MSS who admitted him in class one at Amirabag Government Primary school and his educational cost is being borne from Su-Chala project of Anukul Foundation. He goes to school regularly. His grandmother wishes to continue his studies by any means.