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Self-Sustainable Social Services program (SSSSP) | Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS)

Manabik Shahajya Sangstha

Self-Sustainable Social Services program (SSSSP)

MSS is committed to provide social services to the distressed segment of the society. MSS believes that only microcredit is not enough to improve the livelihood of the clients. It is also necessary to provide health services to them that will keep clients well and help facilitate their income generating activities. The enhanced income will obviously be helpful to improve their livelihood. The Self-Sustainable Social Services is such a program that provides services to the distressed women and children under the components of social services and social awareness programs. After the phase out of the program in 2000 the Self-Sustainable Social Services Program has been running in a sustainable way. The activities are running under the components of social services and social awareness programs.

The social services component which is out and out a service oriented program covers continuing program of daycare center for children, mother and child health-family planning program and general treatment while under the social awareness program the disadvantaged segment of the society are made aware on HIV/AIDS prevention, mother and child health and human rights and other civic issues.