Manabik Shahajya Sangstha

Governance, Rights and Democracy

Voter and Civic Education It is true that civic and voting rights is yet to establish in Bangladesh which is necessary for the enhancement of individual freedoms. Moreover, election violence has become a regular phenomena for which the women, religious and the ethnic minority people fall victims during election period. These people are neglected and almost not aware about their rights. The women, religious and the ethnic minority people cannot express their opinion freely. On the other hand threat by the local influential people of the political parties also make them vulnerable.  Further, the women are dominated or influenced by their household head especially by husbands or parents. Women participations in election process is needed for their empowerment and national development. Considering the administrative arrangement, which is cardinal for an effective electoral process; it can be claimed that Bangladesh has by and large retained its colonial administrative structure, where people’s voice has very little value. It needs an active participation of voter’s at the voting process as well as initiative from the voter’s to achieve a transparent and more acceptable candidacy. It will be not appropriate for the interest of general people unless the whole voting will remain free from fear or violence.