Manabik Shahajya Sangstha

Project Dignity

Begging is the painful consequences of the socio economic discrimination and the natural calamities of a country. Natural disaster or socio economic discrimination is widely prevalent in Bangladesh. As a result, a section of the people of Bangladesh is compelled to adapt begging as a means of bread earning. But whatever the reason a man becomes beggar, begging is such an occupation that lowers ones social status. Basically, begging as a means of maintaining life is treated as a hatred occupation in the society. It is essential to end such a situation for the sake of the development of a country. MSS with the financial assistance of Grameen Trust have taken initiative to employ beggars into productive profession diverting them from begging. This initiative is Project Dignity. This project has been developed based on experience of Sangrami Sadashya (Struggling Member) of Grameen Bank. Initially, MSS is agreed with Grameen Trust to provide support to 1000 beggars.

An old woman makes stool under MSS – Grameen Trust Project Dignity.